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Feel free to try out as many groups as you want to find your place to get involved. You can contact the group leader(s) directly, or Nicole Ragsdale for more information.  




Tony & Sarah Ranalli

every other week | 12:30PM | tulsa

We are wanting to facilitate a space for young adults to fellowship with peers, and people who are a step or two ahead in life. We want it to be a space for fun and discussion.

Contact Tony: 918-428-9748 |
Contact Sarah: 417-291-2421 |


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Steve & Cindy Nussbaum

every other week | 7PM | tulsa

We are seasoned married couples who are building relationships with each other while deepening our walk with the Lord. We are striving to support one another spiritually and socially as we do life together.

Contact Cindy: 918-520-7058 |
Contact Steve: 918-808-2581 |

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Chad & Cherie Craig

2nd & 4th | 6:30PM | tulsa

Maybe your kids have started college leaving you with an empty nest, maybe you find yourself single later in life without kids, or maybe your marriage could benefit from having friends in the same stage of life as you. Whatever your reason for wanting to get connected, this group is here for you! Come talk, laugh, eat, and share with others that are experiencing some of the same joys and frustrations in life and faith as you!

Contact Chad: 918-638-9300 |
Contact Craig: 918-638-9301 |




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FC Young Adults

every other week | 8pm | tulsa

FC Young Adults, starting January 17th, is a group for ages 18-26, and is led by Sammy Floyd. We believe that it’s important for all of us to connect to church and to one another. “We are better together” isn’t just a slogan, but a belief we have that you can’t and shouldn’t do life alone. We want to support you and encourage as you strive toward life’s next chapter.

Contact Sammy: 918-704-7274 |


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FC Men Breakfast Crew

weekly | 8aM | tulsa

Manly breakfast fellowship! Let’s do life together over some bacon and pancakes! We meet at the Silver Skillet at 61st & Memorial (see map.) Make sure to get on the Facebook page, or sign up for text reminders for all FC Men events below.


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