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There are a few ways you can serve at FC! When you’re ready, feel free to let us know.

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FC Kids is for infants-5th grade. Every service is specifically designed for each and every child to have a chance to learn about Jesus on their level. Whether through crafts, games, worship, teaching, stories, or snacks, every child is cared for in a safe and fun environment. There is a large a variety of volunteer positions that makes all of this work!


FC Students is for 5th-12thgrade, and meets on Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm, here at FC. Doors open at 6pm for games, snacks, and time to hang out! FC Student Sponsors have an opportunity to mentor, befriend, and get to know some incredible students.


We have opportunities all around FC that we need amazing volunteers to fill! Some of these positions include greeting people in the parking lot, making excellent coffee, being an usher, or helping out in the Connect Center.


Our Media Production Team uses technology and creativity to make Jesus famous by creating an excellent, distraction-free experience where people can meet Jesus and grow in their relationship with Him whether in person or online. We don't require that you have any previous experience in media, just that you are willing to learn!

Connect Groups
Feel free to sort through the connect groups below and find one that works for you!

Adult Bible Study - The Oberlings

Discover the transformative power of studying God's Word in community! Join our church Bible study connect group for meaningful connections, spiritual growth, and open discussions. All adults are welcome! Email Melissa below.

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Bible Study - Open Group

Join us as we spend time studying the Word of God. We will be going through various books of the Bible hoping to deepen our understanding of who God is. Connect with us: (918) 407-3637

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Chosen on Discord

We are a group of guys on Discord. Our group is casually run where we study God’s word in text and voice chat, sharing and organizing related content. We also enjoy gaming and streaming with each other. Join us as we grow together in Christ. Text Anthony or send a telegram: (918) 851-3001, Join the discord:

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FC 20s & 30s

We are a community of young adults that pursue Christ with our whole hearts while pursuing the calling of having a church community. We strive to see Jesus made famous to young adults all over Tulsa. Text Tyler: (682) 219-2366 or Text Alissa: (918) 752-5531

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FC Bible Study & Outreach

“Connect group has been so vital since I started FC. We believe that saved people serve people & and that is a key piece of discipleship. All are welcome to join us as we grow in discipleship & in reaching out to our local community ” Text Malayna: (803) 810-2531

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FC College

We are a community of college students excited to have food, fun, fellowship and pursue Jesus. If you are age 18-25 years old, join us. Text Omar (918) 324-6238 Follow on Instagram FC_CollegeBA

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FC Singles

FC Singles is designed for single adults with a desire to form a community of friends to do life with. Let’s invest in each others lives and sharpen one another.

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FC Students

We want to see lost students become found students. We believe that as you grow in your relationship with Jesus, real change will happen and your world will never be the same.

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Families | Hayes

We are a group of families that believe we are better together and strive for community and support throughout our journey. Text Branon: (918) 633-9916 or Britni: (918) 720-2343

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Family Group - The Portmans

We are a family group for elementary/middle school stage families. We will be studying the book “Shepherding a Child’s Heart.” The four dates they’re meeting this summer are 6/6, 6/25, 7/11, and 7/30 at 6:30 pm. Reach out to Kelli: (918) 407-4430

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Golf Group

FC Golf is a community of like-minded individuals brought together by their shared love for golf. Our group enjoys playing the sport together and seeks to strengthen our spiritual bond with Jesus Christ as we grow and learn together.

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Gospel Music Group

We are a group that wants to join together, use our talents and worship the Lord. Bring an instrument or come ready to sing some old gospel songs. We'd love to have you join us! Text Galen or Tonnya - Tonnya Cress (918) 810-5033 | Galen Cress (918) 810-6977

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Grief Support

The grief support group at Foundations Church provides emotional and spiritual healing through the sharing of stories and experiences of loss. Text Jonathan: (918) 500-6086

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Men's Group with Greg Fisher

FC Men’s Groups are designed for men to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Text Greg: (918) 606-8333

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Men's Group with Richard Acevedo

FC Men’s Groups are designed for men to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Text Richard: (918) 978-1062

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Men's Group with Steven Ragsdale

FC Men’s Groups are designed for men to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Text Steven: (918) 710-9711

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Men's Group with Tyler Detring

FC Men’s Groups are designed for men to connect with one another and grow in their relationship with Jesus. Text Tyler: (918) 734-9899

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Mommy and Me

This mommy and me group is designed to be a place for moms to connect and support one another. We will meet throughout the Tulsa area. We are geared primarily towards 6 & under, but older kids are welcome. Email Chelsea Lockney below or text her: (918) 261-7308.

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Open Group Bible Study

We will be going through "The Blessed Life" by Robert Morris. We will learn what it means to give, how to give, ask and answer questions related to Biblical principles of giving, and be encouraged by God's faithfulness in our obedience. Text Pam for more info: 918-924-9893

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Parents of Teens | Broken Arrow

Beginning Sep. 12. As parents, we aspire to support our teenage children in flourishing during this phase of life with the help of community and Christ. Let's embark on this journey together. Text or email Tara for more info: 918-978-7898

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Parents of Teens | Jenks

“We are parents that desire to help our teenage children thrive in this stage of life. Let’s navigate the journey together.”

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Scott & Cathryn Greene

We are a group that values connection, friendship, and Christ-center growth for all stages of life. Text Scott: (918) 671-5735 or text Cathryn: (918) 671-5736

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Serving God by Serving Others Group

This FC Group will serve as the matchmakers of the needs and donations of our Church family and community. Members of this FC Group can serve on Sunday in the Connect Center to intake & coordinate needs and resources or organize volunteers to complete service projects. Needs we strive to fulfill as a group include access to community resources (domestic violence, counseling, food, car care resources, etc.), household or personal items, and service projects. Text or email Amy for more info: 918-232-7456

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Single Parents

FC Single Parents is intended for individuals raising their kids alone. Finding a sitter can be a challenge, so we will be doing kid-friendly outings so we can connect. Text Dee: (918) 237-0134

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Women's Bible Study with Makenzie Wagnon

A kid-friendly women's bible study group where we gather around the backyard and dive into God's Word. Text Makenzie for more info: 918-313-8577

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Women's Board Game Group

FC Women's gaming group is intended for ladies who want to spend time together. We will play a game or two and connect while having fun. Bring your own lunch or you can order lunch on location. Text Tonnya: (918) 810-5033

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Women's Fall Bible Study with Faith Hall

*This group will return in the fall* Thursday nights, 6-7:30pm at the church. Cookies and coffee will be provided as we study the Fruits of the Spirit. We will have copies of the workbook for anyone interested. Reach out to Faith: (918) 350-6197

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Women's Fall Group with Chris Luetkemeyer

Come be a part of our Women's Bible Study! We meet every other Tuesday beginning in October. Text Chris: 918-521-4601

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Women's Fall Group with Ryanne Pigford

*This group will return in the fall* As a group, our purpose is to study the Word of God together as we strengthen our faith and trust Him to rule our hearts more than ever before. Let’s grow together! Text Ryanne: (918) 724-5731

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Women's Fall Group with Scotti Montoya

As a group, we aim to study the Word of God together as we strengthen our faith and trust Him to rule our hearts more than ever before. Let’s grow together! Details: Bring a chair and coffee (or tea!) Text Scotti: (480) 318-0002

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Young Families | Detrings

We are a group of young families searching for fellowship and spiritual growth. Our goal is to be a group that supports one another in any way we can. Text Tyler: (918) 734-9899. Childcare will be provided at $5 per child

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Young Families | Kerstetters

We are a group of young families doing life together. We love talking bout life and how we can help each other grow in our walk with Christ. Childcare is provided for $5 per child. Text Amanda: 918-728-4472

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Local - Jefferson Elementary

We are partnering with Jefferson Elementary. Whether it is assiting teachers or investing into students.

Let’s be Saved People that Serve People.

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Kenya Church Plant

We are excited about equipping and empowering Kenyans to reach other Kenyans. We are equipping pastors, building churches and playgrounds, and digging water wells in order to point people to Jesus and help them realize there is hope!

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