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Ephesians Wk 6 | Fighting the Enemy

Sometimes we just don't acknowledge that we have a real enemy. It can seem weird and super-spiritual to talk about, but it's a truth of our faith: scripture definitely talks about Satan. In this sermon, Pastor Justin gives us some direction in how to deal with him, and in proper FC form, approaches what can seem like a vague topic with practical teaching.

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Ephesians Wk 5 | Submission

This week's sermon, Camels and House Rules, is all about submission. This topic is rough, and can be pretty unpopular, but the truth of the matter is that if you're a Christian, God is boss, and it can be easy to gloss over some of the very important strictures that are required of us as Christians. So keep an open mind, and listen- it's important, and you'd be surprised the freedom that a couple house rules can give you.

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Ephesians Wk 4 | Discerning Genuine Teaching

Sometimes there are so many imitators that it can be hard to find the real thing in a line up. We're bombarded with lots of things that look good, and claim to be the original, but just aren't. Today, Pastor Justin talks about the value of discernment, understanding real teaching, and learning to use your brain to decide the kind of follower you want to be. After you're done, check out to hear about our upcoming mission trip to Ethiopia!

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