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FC Grow is a 4-week program for anyone looking to build a foundation for their faith.

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S T A R T I N G A U G U S T 4 T H


Whether you're a brand new Christian, or you've been in church your whole life, there is something in it for you! As your church family, we want to make sure we are giving you every tool you need to build a faith that will last. Each week there will be teaching as well as time for discussion. FC Grow will meet in the church office, which is at the far end of the FC Kids hallway, upstairs.



Starting August 4th, FC Grow will have four non-sequential classes on the first four weeks of each month.

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You can start at any time, and if you miss a week, you can simply make it up the following month. Every 1st-4th week of each month will have the same teaching as the corresponding week of the next month. 

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