Foundations Church Blog: Strengthening Your Faith and Building Community

This blog is a great place for members of Foundations Church and the greater Tulsa area to learn more about our mission. Our church focuses on strengthening individuals’ faith as well as providing opportunities to connect with other believers in community. This blog provides inspiring stories from our congregation, helpful resources on cultivating faith and building relationships, and updates on upcoming events. 

Overcoming Setbacks: Lessons from Moses

Discover Foundation Church in Tulsa, OK, where setbacks transform into stepping stones for purpose-driven lives. Join our vibrant community for faith-filled Sundays, drawing inspiration from history and biblical narratives. Embrace a journey of faith, wisdom, and purpose with Foundation Church in Tu

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Meaningful Connections Enrich Our Relationship With Christ

Join us as we explore the significance of a godly community in nurturing our spiritual growth and relationship with Christ. Learn actionable steps to build meaningful connections and deepen your faith.

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The Transformative Power of Prayer and Your Faith Journey

Discover how prayer can transform your faith journey in our latest blog post. Learn how to incorporate Philippians 4:6 into your daily walk with Christ and embrace the transformative power of prayer today!

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Foundations Blog: Practical Guidance for a Spiritual Journey

Welcome to Foundations Church blog - your place for nurturing personal growth in Christ, practical guidance to engage with God's Word & edifying the church. Walk with us on this transformative faith journey as we explore the Christian life & build a culture of love, grace & strong relationships.

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