A place for kids to experience Jesus on their own level.

FC Kids services, for infants through 5th grade, are every Sunday at 8:30, 10 & 11:30am. Each class is divided by age group and designed so that every child gets the chance to learn about Christ, have fun, and build relationships with other children. 


fc kids director, sammy floyd

For any questions contact sammy@foundationschurch.tv, or call 918-935-2013.

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Nursery: Birth-23 months

We go beyond babysitting to provide a safe and loving environment for our little ones at Foundations Church! Here the workers will hold, watch over, and pray for each baby during this class.


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2 & 3 Year Olds

A step up from nursery, the 2 & 3 year old class offers interactive games, songs, and crafts to aid in the process of finding belief in Jesus and belonging to a community.


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4 & 5 Year Olds

Through the use of hands on curriculum of songs, stories, and crafts, children will have a fun and exciting time discovering God's Word. Our goal in this class is to help children develop friendships, and learn about the Bible in a way that will keep them eager for the next activity!

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FC Kids: K-5th Grade

We strive to provide an impacting and relevant experience for these young students. Our aim is for every student attending to be able to answer the two questions every parent asks their kids, "Did you have fun?" and "What did you learn?", through exciting worship, relevant skits, and applicable Bible stories.

What we value at FC Kids:


We strive to provide a place for kids to experience Jesus on their level. When we experience Jesus, we can't help but give our hearts and lives to Him. We want FC Kids to be a place where kids that don't know Jesus can find life in Him.


As children grow, there is a distinct change in their outward appearance and outward expressions. We believe that it is the same for those who follow Jesus. As we grow in our relationship with Jesus, there should be outward expression of the change that is happening on the inside. We want to help kids "grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and all the people." Luke 2:52


We can't help but share good news everywhere we go. When a child does well on a test or gets a new puppy, he or she wants everyone to know. We believe that the news about Jesus and the forgiveness He gives is the best news in the whole world. We want each child to reach a point in their relationship with Jesus that they can't help but share the Good News with everyone they know.


We weren't created to do life alone. In fact, in the Genesis account of creation God said that it isn't good for man to be alone. We want kids to know, no matter what happens in life, it's always more exciting when we include others. When we include others in our victories, they will be there to lift us up in our defeats. We are truly better together!


Jesus talked about how greatness was equal to our ability to serve one another. We believe there is no greater expression of love than to serve. Jesus taught us to love one another and he didn't provide an age requirement. We believe kids, as well as adults, have a place to serve and should serve so that served people can become saved people.